VASO6™ by Compound Solutions

Stimulates nitric oxide production, induces vasodilation and promotes vasorelaxation.

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VASO6™ by Compound Solutions

Stimulates nitric oxide production, induces vasodilation and promotes vasorelaxation.

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VASO6™ is a proprietary blend of gallate-enhanced oligomers comprised of dimers, trimers, tetramers and pentamers derived from green tea that stimulate nitric oxide production, induce vasodilation and promote vaso-relaxation. VASO6™ increases nitric oxide production and promotes vaso-relaxation. This reduces the amount of work your cardiovascular system has to do while at the same time increasing the amount of blood flow delivered to your muscles.

Primary Benefits

By increasing nitric oxide production, it reduces cardiovascular strain while enhancing blood flow to muscles, fostering greater energy and endurance during workouts. Experience savage muscle pumps as VASO6™ efficiently clears metabolic waste, allowing prolonged training. Beyond performance, VASO6™ promotes cardiovascular health by inhibiting endothelin-1 activity, ensuring optimal bioavailability of nitric oxide for improved arterial flexibility and overall cardiovascular function.

Food For Thought

VASO6™ serves as a non-stimulant nitric oxide enhancer that seamlessly complements various stages of your workout routine, such as pre, intra, and post workouts. While VASO6™ is potent on its own, if you’re aiming for enhanced pumps, you can combine it with supplements like L-Citrulline, Agmatine, L-Norvalline, or any of the diverse amino-bound nitrates.

Bottom Line

Discover the transformative power of VASO6™ for your health and fitness journey. This exceptional nitric oxide booster, derived from green tea compounds, triggers endothelium-dependent relaxation, leading to remarkable vasodilation and vasorelaxation. Research reveals a staggering 50% vasodilation compared to the 5% achieved by arginine, showcasing VASO6™’s potency. Elevate your fitness journey with VASO6™—where better blood flow meets enhanced performance and colossal muscle pumps!

Product Highlights

  • Greater nitric oxide production
  • Increased blood flow (supporting better recovery and ATP production)
  • Improved arterial flexibility
  • Better stamina and endurance
  • Enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Improved fatigue resistance (due to enhanced clearance of waste products)
  • Better core temperature regulation
  • Decreased mental fatigue

Recommended dosing for VASO6 is 300-600mg.

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