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MyPoints™ are earned by engaging with GenMag™ content. This includes watching videos, logging in daily, adding comments, reviewing products, subscribing to content, following specialty ingredients and/or products, taking quizzes, and more. There are many ways to accumulate MyPoints™ as you expand your knowledge of nutrition, fitness, ingredients, and supplements.

MyPoints™ come with various statuses, such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each requiring a specific point threshold. As you accumulate points, you get closer to the next status level.

As previously explained, you can increase your status by engaging with GenMag™ content regularly. The more you interact, the more points you earn, which, in turn, leads to higher statuses and bonus points.

Yes, there are several bonuses available for MyPoints™ users. For instance, there are daily bonuses for logging in, article views bonuses, consecutive daily login bonuses, and more. Now, becoming a GenMag™ member will automatically earn 5,000 MyPoints™ to get you started. 

You can follow brands on GenMag™, earning you status-qualifying points. You can follow as many brands as you wish, but there’s a maximum limit to the points you earn weekly.

No, there’s no membership fee associated with MyPoints™. However, you do need to sign up as a GenMag™ member, but that’s also free. As stated, every interaction with GenMag™ content brings you closer to achieving your next earned status, and you unlock more points as you reach higher statuses.

No, you don’t need to purchase products or anything to earn MyPoints™. You earn them simply by engaging with content, making it a rewarding experience for those seeking knowledge.

Excellent question! Remember, you do not need to spend a penny to earn MyPoints™. You can get to platinum status without spending any money. Now, if you purchase a supplement on our website, you will earn MyPoints™ and, in all probability, BrandPoints™.  

They are almost synonymous terms. Think of BrandPoints™ as being the same as MyPoints™. The main difference is that BrandPoints™ are earned when engaging with content specific to the participating brand. Also, besides redeeming qualified MyPoints™ for products, you may redeem BrandPoints™ in the same way, but only for the participating brand.

A percentage of your MyPoints™ earnings accumulates in a dedicated wallet account, ready to be spent on gear and supplements. By visiting the GenMag store, you will find products, participating brands, and special offers using either MyPoints™ or BrandPoints™. The minimum spend value is $5.00 toward qualifying items.

You can easily track your MyPoints™ balance and status in your GenMag™ user profile. This will show how many points you’ve earned and your status level. Additionally, you’ll be able to track the BrandPoints™ balances you’ve earned from participating brands and specialty ingredient companies.

MyPoints™ are non-transferable and tied to individual user accounts. They cannot be shared or transferred to other users.

Initially, you can sign up by sharing your name and email.  You can earn additional MyPoints™ by completing certain fields during registration. Upon becoming a member, you automatically receive 5,000 MyPoints™. Membership is essential to participate. When you share information about your interests, GenMag™ works to streamline the content it shares with you. 

Yes, you can earn MyPoints™ by actively starting or participating in discussions, forums, and comments on GenMag™. Engaging with various content on the website, including interactions like comments and reviews, will earn you points.

Yes and no! First, you will want to discover the program’s participating brands and featured products. Once you do, you can choose which products or gear you’d like to purchase using all or part of your MyPoints™. 

To qualify for the consecutive daily login bonus, you simply log in daily for seven consecutive days. On the seventh day, you’ll receive 250 points as a bonus.

GenMag™ will soon reveal its partner brands that accept MyPoints™ for purchases and its own BrandPoints™. As a part of the MyPoints™ program, you will be notified of all updates, promotions, giveaways, new participating members, etc. Keep an eye out for these brands and special offers.

You can use MyPoints™ for exclusive special offers and exciting giveaways on GenMag™. It’s one of the perks of being a MyPoints™ member.

MyPoints™ come in two types. Firstly, some points contribute to your status (silver/gold/platinum), and these can’t be redeemed for merchandise. However, a percentage of these points goes into your wallet, and these are the points that can be used to purchase items. The good news is that the points in your wallet don’t expire. As for the status points, they do have an expiration date. Your account resets to zero for status points at midnight on December 31st, and the status you have at that moment will determine your status for the upcoming year. For any updates or policy changes, please refer to GenMag’s™ terms and conditions.

GenMag™ may offer referral programs in the future that allow you to earn MyPoints™ by referring friends or family. Keep an eye out for such promotions.

Absolutely! GenMag™ will offer ongoing referral programs in the future, allowing you to earn MyPoints™ by referring new users who become members and engage on the platform. Keep an eye out for such opportunities.

GenMag™ is committed to providing a straightforward and transparent experience when using MyPoints™ for purchases. We’ll always outline any restrictions or terms associated with redeeming MyPoints™, ensuring a clear and easy process for our members. It’s important to note that GenMag™ works closely with its partner brands and specialty ingredient companies to create exciting value through gifts, discounts, and exclusive opportunities, all aimed at enhancing your experience as a member.

MyPoints™ typically reflect in your account shortly after completing the qualifying activity. Expectedly, in less than 24 hours. However, processing times may vary for different activities.

You can follow as many brands as you like on GenMag™. However, there may be limits to the number of points you can earn for following brands within a certain timeframe.

If you close or deactivate your GenMag™ account, you may forfeit any accumulated MyPoints™, as they are directly tied to active accounts.

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MyPoints™ program is designed to help you become the best-informed and smartest supplement consumer in the game.

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