Olives and olive oil

Oleano 85™ by Cepham Inc.

Oleano 85™ boasts an impressive 85% concentration of oleanolic acid (OA) in a typical 100 mg dosage. This provides as much OA as found in 35 tablespoons of high-quality extra virgin olive oil. While olive oil is recognized for its heart-healthy properties, its integration into daily meals can be challenging due to time constraints, complexity in recipes, and taste preferences. Moreover, concerns about compromised olive oil quality in the US market further complicate its health benefits.

OA supplementation emerges as a convenient and effective solution, offering a concentrated form of this beneficial compound without the constraints associated with olive oil consumption. By opting for supplemental OA, individuals can still enjoy the advantages associated with the Mediterranean diet, minus the limitations and quality concerns related to traditional sources like olive oil.

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