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Crominex® 3+ by Natreon


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Product Highlights

  • Promote Increased NO Levels
  • Accelerate Recovery From Exercise
  • Boosts Muscle Pump
  • Improves Focus & Energy

As part of a pre-workout formula, consider prioritizing products with a  recommended serving dose of 1.5 grams, usually taken 20 minutes before a workout. However, some brands may suggest a split dose of 750 mg each which is also confirmed to work. Do not exceed 1.5g in a 24-hour period.

Most pre-workouts contain stimulants like caffeine. Be aware that the caffeine intake at 1 dose of 750 mg may be safe, at 2 doses the caffeine intake may be excessive. We strongly urge you to evaluate the effectiveness of the product at a single dose of 750 mg and more importantly make sure the stimulant dose isn’t excessive.

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To the best of our knowledge, this ingredient does not contain, nor is manufactured with, any animal products or materials of animal origin.

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